EXTREME Minimalist Living With ONLY 47 Possessions!


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Rob Greenfield is an extreme minimalist who is currently living and traveling with only 47 possessions!

Over the past 10 years he has transformed his life by downsizing all of his stuff, getting rid of his bank account, and dedicating his work to raising awareness about important environmental issues.

In this video he shows us the simple, zero waste possessions he travels with and talks about the philosophies of non-attachment, non-materialism, and non-ownership that drive his lifestyle choices.

How does one effectively practice extreme minimalist living, and what are some challenges that come with it?

Extreme Minimalist Living With ONLY 47 Possessions

In a world where consumerism and materialism rule, the concept of extreme minimalist living seems daunting to most. The idea of owning only a few possessions may seem impossible, but for those committed to living in such an extreme way, extreme minimalist living with only 47 possessions is a reality.

So, what is extreme minimalist living, and why would anyone decide to limit their possessions to only 47 items? Extreme minimalist living is a lifestyle choice that involves living with the bare minimum of possessions. It involves intentionally reducing the number of items in one’s possession to live a simple life free of clutter, stress, and excess. Those who choose to embrace this lifestyle believe that it brings immense peace and happiness to their lives.

The concept of living with only a few possessions may seem unimaginable for most people. However, there are people who are living this way, and it works well for them. Some of the benefits of extreme minimalist living include reduced stress, financial freedom, and peace of mind. By reducing the number of possessions they own, minimalists eliminate the stress that comes with maintaining and storing their belongings. They also save money on buying unnecessary items which can then be used to fund experiences and personal growth.

The idea of living with only 47 possessions may seem like an extreme way of living at first glance, but minimalists who have chosen this way of life swear by it. So, what are these 47 possessions? The list typically includes essential articles of clothing, personal hygiene items, a few essential kitchen items, bedding, and essential work items. The number is not fixed, and some minimalists choose to have more or fewer possessions depending on their unique needs.

To achieve successful extreme minimalist living, one needs to adopt a few principles. Firstly, living with only a few possessions means being mindful of everything that one owns. Minimalists place significant emphasis on owning only what is essential and useful. It is also essential to be intentional about reducing the number of belongings and continually evaluating what one owns.

Another important principle of extreme minimalist living is learning to go without the things that one may have become accustomed to owning or using. This can, in some cases, feel like a sacrifice, but over time it becomes second nature. Minimalists find joy in owning less and living with less.

In conclusion, extreme minimalist living with only 47 possessions is a lifestyle choice that may seem impossible to many people, but for those committed to such a way of life, it is a reality. It involves intentional decisions to reduce the number of belongings while prioritizing only what is essential and useful. Living with less not only reduces stress and saves money but also creates room for experiences and personal growth. For some, this lifestyle is extreme, but for others, it is a path to a simpler and more fulfilling life.

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