Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent – Features

Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent – Features

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If you love getting outdoors, but you’re not a fan of getting up early – you can hit the snooze button and sleep through the bright morning glare thanks to this tent from Coleman. 

The Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Dark Room has a unique coating on the fly which blocks out 95% of sunlight while reducing the heat inside by up to 5°, has an internal LED lighting system for convenience, three rooms for heaps of internal space, and an instant up frame for a super easy setup.

In this video, the Snowys video crew headed out into the field to give you the full lowdown on the Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent from Coleman. Our gear guru Ben starts out with the materials and specs, moves his way to the doors, windows, and ventilation, front awning and shade options, the internal features, and dimensions, then add in airbeds to show you how to use the space and demonstrate the LED lighting system – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Weight and materials
2:07 – Side doors and awnings
2:57 – Rear windows, door, and ventilation
4:16 – Front awning
5:11 – Awning setup
6:06 – Lighting system
7:15 – Internal room features
9:37 – Internal dimensions
10:07 – Adding airbeds
11:27 – Darkroom feature + lighting demonstration

What are the benefits of the built-in lighting system feature of the Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent, and how does it enhance your camping experience?

Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent: The Ultimate Camping Companion

For those who love camping, a good tent is an essential gear that offers shelter and comfort in the great outdoors. With the advancement of technology, camping tents have also evolved, becoming more sophisticated, offering numerous features that make camping easier and more comfortable. The Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent is one such invention that has captured the imagination of campers.

This tent is the perfect companion for those who love to camp in groups or families, accommodating up to ten people. The tent is designed to offer maximum comfort and functionality, with a variety of features that make it stand out from its peers.

Here are some of the features of the Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent.

Dark Room Technology

The Darkroom Technology is one of the most significant innovations of this tent. This feature blocks out 95 percent of light, enhancing the quality of sleep, especially when camping in bright areas or during daylight hours. This technology also keeps the tent cooler during hot days, thus ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment.

Northstar Technology

Northstar Technology is another feature that makes this tent unique. It offers optimal insulation, ensuring that the tent stays warm during cold weather conditions. The interior of the tent remains comfortable even when the outside temperature drops.

Lighting System

The Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent comes with a built-in lighting system, ensuring that you are never left in the dark. This feature offers bright LED lighting, which is perfect for reading or playing games at night.

Easy Set-Up

The Instant-Up feature ensures that this tent can be easily set up in under ten minutes. This feature makes it possible for you to set up the tent quickly and focus on more fun activities.

WeatherTec System

The WeatherTec System is designed to keep the tent dry and comfortable during wet conditions. This feature includes welded floors and inverted seams, preventing water from seeping in through the tent’s floor or seams.

Large Interior Space

The Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent offers ample space, measuring 14 x 10 feet of floor space, making it perfect for large groups or families. The tent also features a 6′ 7″ center height, offering plenty of headroom for easy movement and added comfort.


The Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent is a must-have for anyone who loves camping. With its unique features, including Darkroom and Northstar technologies, a lighting system, and easy setup make this tent an ideal product for those who want maximum comfort and functionality during their camping trips. Whether you’re camping with a group or family, this tent is perfect for creating memories and exploring the great outdoors.

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