Iron Age Bushcraft Build – Roof Building in Soaking Rain: DODGY STUFF!


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The weather is getting typically Irish: Soaking Rain. But roof building continues on the slippery poles…

Things better go Smooth… We also campfire cook a special bushcraft meal with Pike. Enjoy!

What was the main purpose of building a roof during the Iron Age bushcraft build?

The Iron Age was a period of history marked by great advancements in human civilization. During this era, humans developed various techniques to survive and thrive in their environment. One such technique was bushcraft, which is still relevant to this day. Bushcraft is the art of living off the land, utilizing natural resources to build shelter, hunt, and forage.

In this article, we will be discussing the Iron Age Bushcraft Build, specifically the roof building aspect. This skill is crucial in bushcraft as it determines the quality of the shelter and its ability to protect from the elements.

Building a roof in the Iron Age was a difficult task, especially in soaking rain. The challenge was not only to find the suitable materials, but also for the builders to prevent themselves from getting wet during the build process. It was not uncommon for Iron Age builders to catch a cold or flu by working in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the rain made the materials wet, which made them heavier and difficult to handle.

To build a roof in the rain, Iron Age bushcrafters had to follow specific guidelines to ensure the quality of the build. First, they had to find the most suitable materials which were usually dry leaves, branches, or straw. These materials had to be strong enough to withstand the rain and keep the shelter dry. Once the materials were selected, Iron Age bushcrafters had to find the suitable height and angle for the roof. The height and angle were critical as it determined the amount of rainwater that the roof could hold.

During the build, Iron Age builders had to be cautious of each step they took. One wrong move could cause slippery footing or knock over the already built structure. The builders had to stay alert and concentrate on the work at hand, even with the rain pouring down on them.

In the Iron Age, many bushcraft builds were quick and short-lived. However, builders still had to ensure that the structure could withstand the elements and protect from the encroaching weather. The method of roofing in wet conditions was deemed ‘dodgy’ as builders would sometimes skip critical steps just to complete the build quickly. They were often relying on their instincts and knowledge of materials to make quick decisions on what to use or discard.

In conclusion, Iron Age Bushcraft build roofing in soaking rain was a tough skill to develop. Iron Age bushcrafters had to ensure that their shelters could withstand the harsh weather conditions using only natural resources. They had to work through the rain, ensuring that each step was as secure as possible while staying alert for any mishaps. Although deemed ‘dodgy’, the method helped develop resilient and resourceful bushcrafters who could overcome any challenges thrown their way.

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