The Iconic $40 MILLION Penthouse Triplex at 150 Central Park South


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The approximately 10,000 square feet triplex at Hampshire House has unobstructed views of Central Park all the way to North Manhattan, as well as Midtown skylines.

The Absolute Best of the Best Triplex Penthouse in Central Park History can be yours. Located on the 50-yard line of Central Park South.

The design calls 8,525 square feet of interior space, including five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a grand salon, formal living, and dining rooms and an eat-in kitchen. The outdoor living and entertaining space span 1,125 square feet, including a private, 425-square-foot terrace facing Central Park.

“This is a unique opportunity to own an iconic piece of Manhattan real estate, the discerning buyer will have a really large penthouse with beautiful views and outdoor terraces facing Central Park.”

Hampshire House, notable for its steeply pitched copper roof with two tall chimneys, that stands out among its West 57th Street neighbors. It has a full-time doorman and concierge, a fitness center, a spa and valet parking service.

The building is home to many top hedge fund managers and lawyers. Former celebrity residents in the building include the supreme tenor Luciano Pavarotti, Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo and John Michael Kennedy, a civil rights lawyer who represented Ivana Trump in her divorce from Donald Trump in the early 1990s, according to property records and published reports.

How does the floor plan of the penthouse allow for easy movement and a feeling of spaciousness?

The real estate market has always been a hub of luxury, elegance and prestige. And, the NYC real estate market is no exception to it. New York City is home to some of the world’s most impressive and expensive apartments, with some stunning features that are sure to make your jaw drop. One such glamorous property in New York City is the iconic $40 MILLION Penthouse Triplex at 150 Central Park South, which stands out for its distinctive features and unmatched elegance.

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the spectacular $40 million Penthouse Triplex at 150 Central Park South is one of the best properties on the real estate market. This property comprises an area of 9,600 square feet, making it one of the most spacious and extravagant apartments in the city. The stunning triplex has an indescribable aura of grace and charm, and every corner of this magnificent apartment is tailored to perfection.

As you enter the penthouse, you will fall in love with the stunning foyer that leads to the grand living room, which overlooks Central Park. The living room is magnificent, and boasts of massive windows that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. The floor plan of this triplex is extraordinary, and allows you to move through space with ease.

The penthouse has an amazing gourmet kitchen and dining room with state-of-the-art equipment, making it a perfect venue for hosting parties and intimate dinners. The three-bedroom apartments are designed to offer maximum comfort, and each of them boasts of its own en suite featuring walk-in showers, free-standing bathtubs, and radiant heat floors.

The most appealing feature of the Penthouse Triplex at 150 Central Park South is its expansive outdoor space. The penthouse has an enormous rooftop terrace that is perfect for early morning yoga or sunset soirees with friends. The outdoors here are perfect for entertaining and relaxing, and offer an unparalleled view of Central Park.

150 Central Park South Penthouse Triplex fully defines what it means to live life to the fullest. The property is embellished with luxurious finishes, high-end fitting, and a design that is a unique blend of classic elegance and modernity. The exceptional quality and aesthetics of this property truly make it one of the finest and most desirable assets in New York City.

In conclusion, the $40 million Penthouse Triplex at 150 Central Park South is a magnificent and breathtaking property that has everything that one can desire in a luxury apartment. From the design and spaciousness to the amazing views of Central Park and beyond, this penthouse has it all. If you have a taste for luxury and elegance, this triplex should be on your must-see list. The Penthouse Triplex at 150 Central Park South is a perfect example of luxurious living at its finest, and it can be yours if you’ve got the budget to match.

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