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Located on a secluded bush-clad site this house plays on the uniquely NZ typology of the backcountry hut.

Aiming at simplicity it is comprised of a single volume for living/cooking/eating and a lean-to annex housing the lower floor service/sleeping areas. The spaces are open and shared as opposed to enclosed and separate. The experience is one of enhanced connection with each other, and of an enhanced connection to the surrounding environment.

The living area opens fully on two sides, having the feel of an outdoor room, and the fire and baths located on the deck draw daily activities out of the house and into nature. Extensive use of locally sourced bandsawn macrocarpa inside and out, passive heating/ventilation and high performance insulation make the house of low impact environmentally. Rough hewn natural materials tie the house effortlessly into its setting, while galvanised corrugated iron is used to strengthen the hut aesthetic.

Can you explain the sustainable features found in the award-winning ‘Back Country House’?

Back Country House Ltd is a renowned architectural design studio based in New Zealand. The studio is well known for its innovative and contemporary designs that are influenced by the natural landscape and environment of the country.

The studio was founded in 2008 by its principal, Justin Wright, who is a registered architect in New Zealand. Wright has a passion for designing houses that blend in with the natural environment, utilizing the landscape as a design element.

Back Country House Ltd specializes in designing houses that are sustainable, energy-efficient and built to last. Their design philosophy is centered on creating beautiful and functional spaces that are tailored to the needs of each individual client.

The studio’s portfolio showcases an impressive range of projects across New Zealand, from beachfront homes to mountain lodges. Each project is unique and designed to enhance the site’s natural beauty and capture the essence of the New Zealand landscape.

One of the studio’s notable works is the ‘Back Country House’, which won the 2017 New Zealand Architecture Award for Housing. The house is located in a remote area of New Zealand, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. The design of the house is a reflection of its surroundings, with an exterior design that blends seamlessly into the landscape.

The interior of the house is spacious and light-filled, with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer views of the surrounding mountains. The living and dining areas are designed to be open-plan, flowing into a large outdoor deck with a barbecue area, perfect for entertaining guests.

The studio’s innovative and sustainable design approach is evident in the Back Country House. The house features a unique heating system that utilizes wood fired boilers, which use wood from the surrounding forest. The design of the house also utilizes passive ventilation, natural lighting, and sustainable materials.

Back Country House Ltd is a true testament to the power of design to enhance our natural surroundings. The studio’s philosophy is centered on creating beautiful, functional and sustainable spaces that embrace the natural environment. With an impressive portfolio of work, this architectural design studio is a leader in sustainable and contemporary design.

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