Kayak Urban Stealth Camping On The River


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Well, here we are again with another stealth camping video.

A lot of new subscribers since the last video had asked for a bit more stealth camping. I got a $100 inflatable kayak from Walmart and put it to the test in the river. I found a good spot only accessible via the river! More to come in the future. I tried some freeze-dried meals… it did NOT go well. Hunkered down for the night, and woke up ready for more paddling.

What are some hidden gems to discover while kayak camping on the river in an urban setting?

Kayak Urban Stealth Camping On The River

Camping is an amazing way to connect with yourself and nature, but have you ever thought about combining that with urban exploration? Kayak urban stealth camping on the river is an innovative way to experience the great outdoors and the city at the same time. It allows you to disconnect from the stress of everyday life and indulge in an exhilarating and self-discovery experience.

What is Kayak Urban Stealth Camping?

Kayak urban stealth camping is a relatively new practice that involves navigating through urban waterways and camping in relatively hidden places along the way. It is quite different from traditional camping as you are not setting up camp on designated grounds or in designated campsites. Rather, you are camping on abandoned and unused riverbanks or islands that are not owned by anyone. This makes the experience quite adventurous and exciting.

The practice is known as stealth camping because it involves ‘sneaking’ into areas that aren’t typically designated for camping or even public use. It requires a significant amount of planning and preparation since you will be camping in unfamiliar territory. You also need to be mindful of the environmental impact of your stay, pick up after yourself, and ensure that you leave nothing behind.

Why Kayak Urban Stealth Camping?

Kayak urban stealth camping is a great way to escape the busy city and enjoy the natural beauty that still exists within it. You get to experience the serene environment of the water while still being in the heart of the city. Additionally, it provides a unique and adventurous way to explore the city and discover new places that you might have otherwise overlooked.

Kayak Camping On The River: What You Need To Know

If you’re considering kayak camping on the river, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you must have a reliable kayak or canoe that can handle different water currents and conditions. It is also important to have appropriate camping gear that is durable, can withstand the elements, and is lightweight enough to transport on your kayak.

You will also need to carry enough food, water, and other essentials to last you for the duration of your trip. You may also want to consider bringing along some basic survival tools like a compass, map, first aid kit, and a flashlight to address any unforeseen circumstances.

Another important consideration when planning a kayak urban stealth camping trip is the weather. Ensure that you know the weather forecast for the duration of your trip and pack accordingly. It is also important to know whether any permits or permissions are needed for the waterways where you plan to camp.


Kayak urban stealth camping is an exciting and unique experience that combines the great outdoors and urban exploration. It offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and an opportunity to discover hidden gems along the waterways. To make the most of this experience, you need to plan ahead, have the right gear, and be mindful of the impact that your stay may have on the environment.

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