Single Mother Builds Scandinavian Inspired Tiny House To Escape


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Single mother builds a tiny home to get away from it all.

How has living in a tiny house transformed the single mother’s lifestyle and relationship with her children?

In today’s society, many people are feeling the urge to simplify their lives and live in smaller spaces. This is especially true for single mothers, who often need to find affordable housing options that provide stability for themselves and their children. For one single mother, the answer to this problem was to build a Scandinavian inspired tiny house.

The mother, who prefers to remain anonymous, spent years searching for a place to call home. She wanted something that would provide a sense of security and stability for herself and her two children, but the high cost of traditional housing options made this seem impossible. She was also frustrated by the lack of options available to single mothers, who often face discrimination in the housing market.

Eventually, the mother decided to take matters into her own hands and build her own home. She researched different housing options and settled on a tiny house design that was inspired by Scandinavian architecture. The tiny house is built on a trailer, which provides the flexibility to move it if needed, and measures just over 200 square feet.

The exterior of the tiny house is made of shiplap siding, painted in a pale gray color. Large windows on the front of the house let in plenty of natural light and create a feeling of openness. The roof is covered in cedar shingles, giving the house a cozy, cabin-like feel.

Inside, the tiny house is simple but functional. The main living area includes a kitchenette with a sink, mini-fridge, and small cooktop. There is also a fold-down table that can be used for dining or as a workspace. A small loft above the kitchen holds a queen-size bed, providing a cozy place for the mother to sleep. There is also a bathroom with a composting toilet and a small shower.

The mother says that living in the tiny house has been a transformative experience. She feels a sense of pride in having built her own home, and the flexibility to move the house if needed gives her a sense of security. She also loves the simplicity of her new lifestyle, which allows her to spend more time with her children and pursue her passions.

Building a tiny house is not for everyone, but for this single mother it was the perfect solution to her housing problem. Inspired by Scandinavian design, her tiny house is a beautiful and functional space that provides a sense of security and stability for her family. With more and more people looking for ways to simplify their lives, it’s no wonder that tiny house living is becoming increasingly popular.

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