Couple Builds Tiny House for Only $420!


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Meet Liam and Rachel, who built this cute 6.25-meter tiny house for just $420.

Using almost entirely recycled materials, including bits and pieces scavenged from building sites and dumpsters, the couple built their first home with no previous building experience.

The teeny little house has a small living area downstairs and above it a loft with a double bed. As they’re living in community, Liam and Rachel didn’t need to include a kitchen and bathroom, as they have shared facilities and a communal living space nearby. This is their perfect retreat, surrounded by vegetable plots and looking out onto beautiful native bush.

What inspired Elizabeth Bliven and Michael Butler to build a tiny house for only $420?

Couple Builds Tiny House for Only $420!

In recent years, the tiny house movement has gained significant popularity as a sustainable, affordable and minimalist way of living. Many people have embraced this lifestyle as an alternative to conventional housing, which can be expensive and energy-intensive. One couple from Colorado, Elizabeth Bliven and Michael Butler, recently built a tiny house for only $420, making headlines and inspiring many people to follow in their footsteps.

Bliven and Butler’s tiny house is just 100 square feet, with a porch that adds an extra 50 sq. ft. Despite its small size, it has all the necessities of a comfortable living space, including a bed, a desk, a kitchen, a bathroom and a composting toilet. The house was built mostly from recycled materials, including old windows, doors and pallets, which were salvaged from construction sites, dumpsters and Craigslist.

The couple also used unconventional materials for insulation, such as bubble wrap, sheep’s wool, and straw bales. They also utilized solar panels as a source of renewable energy, which powers the home’s lights, water pump and laptop. The water for the shower and sink is collected and filtered from rainwater barrels.

The cost-effectiveness of the project can be attributed to several factors. First, Bliven and Butler were resourceful in finding free or cheap materials, which helped them to save money. Secondly, they did most of the work themselves, learning valuable DIY skills along the way. Lastly, they kept the design simple and functional, avoiding unnecessary features that would have driven up the cost.

Bliven and Butler’s tiny house has inspired many people to consider building their own homes with low budgets, and they have shared their experience on social media and in interviews. They emphasize that building a tiny house requires patience, creativity, and hard work but it can be a rewarding experience that leads to a more sustainable and fulfilling life.

The tiny house movement is not only attractive to people who want to reduce their environmental footprint and save money, but also to those who seek a minimalist lifestyle that prioritizes experiences over material possessions. By building tiny houses, people can reduce their reliance on consumerism and live with less, while still enjoying comfort, privacy and independence.

Overall, the story of Bliven and Butler’s tiny house proves that sustainable and affordable housing is possible with determination, resourcefulness, and creativity. The tiny house movement offers a viable solution to the challenges faced by a society that is increasingly burdened by debt and environmental degradation. As we seek alternatives to conventional housing, we can look to examples like this one for inspiration and hope.

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