The 12-year-old Pursuing Her Passion as a Tattoo Artist


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Would you dare to get inked by a twelve year old?

Lilith might be young, but that’s not stopping her from pursuing her dreams as a tattoo artist.

How does Ezrah balance her passion for tattooing with her education?

The art of tattooing has been around for centuries and has evolved significantly over time. What was once considered taboo has now become an accepted form of expression, attracting both artists and enthusiasts alike. The idea of a twelve-year-old pursuing this art form may seem unusual, but for Ezrah Dormon, it is her passion.

Born and raised in Panama City, Ezrah was first introduced to tattooing when she saw her mother’s tattoo. From then on, she was fascinated by the art and would often watch videos on YouTube of other tattoo artists at work. Her curiosity grew until she finally had the opportunity to visit a tattoo shop. From there, she knew she had found her calling.

At the tender age of nine, Ezrah started asking her mother to let her try tattooing. Her mom initially dismissed the idea, believing that she was too young. However, Ezrah’s passion for the art was too strong, and eventually, her mother – who is also tattooed – agreed to let her start practicing.

Ezrah didn’t waste any time, and with her mother’s guidance, she started honing her skills. Soon she was creating her artwork and practicing on friends and family members. Her determination and talent were noticed by Emilio Winter, a famous tattoo artist in Panama. After watching her create a tattoo, he was so impressed that he offered to mentor her.

Ezrah’s journey to become a professional tattoo artist began, and she worked tirelessly to perfect her technique. Over time she began to gain a following on social media, attracting attention from international media outlets. Her story and talent became an inspiration to many, and she received numerous invitations to tattoo conventions around the world.

Despite her success, Ezrah understands the importance of education, and she still attends school like any other twelve-year-old. She does, however, make sure she balances her school work and her passion for tattooing.

Her story is proof that passion, determination, and talent can overcome barriers and age limitations. Her mother’s support and the help of a mentor created the perfect environment to foster her skills and passion for tattooing.

In conclusion, Ezrah Dormon is a talented twelve-year-old who has found her passion in the art of tattooing. Her dedication and hard work have earned her the respect of the tattooing community worldwide. She has proven that age and other barriers should not prevent anyone from pursuing their passion. Her story is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to follow their dreams.

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