This Dream Tiny House Is A Total Game Changer


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This stunning tiny house is packed full of amazing, game changing designs!

From the ultra clever, future-proofed layout and space-saving furniture to the incredible green-wall, exquisite reclaimed timbers and green-roof features, this truly is a dream tiny house.

It’s hard to believe that it’s now been almost seven years since we filmed our very first tiny house tour with Shaye. At the time, she was living in Lucy, a cute DIY cottage-style tiny house.
Since then, life has changed a lot and Shaye has started a tiny house building company. Years of tiny house design experience and over 30 tiny house builds later, this home is a conjunction of many of her favourite design concepts.

What is The Breezeway and how does it differ from other tiny houses?

This Dream Tiny House Is A Total Game Changer

In recent years, the trend of downsizing has become increasingly popular. People are no longer seeking mansions but rather small, efficient use of space. Enter the tiny house movement, which has taken the world by storm. Tiny houses offer a new way of living that is both affordable and sustainable. One tiny house that stands out above the rest is The Breezeway, a creation of the team at Tiny Heirloom.

The Breezeway is a 200-square-foot tiny house with an additional 100-square-foot porch. This tiny house is unlike any other, as it offers three distinct living spaces. These include a spa-like bathroom, an entertainment area, and a master loft bedroom. The design of this tiny house maximizes space while offering a luxurious living experience.

One of the key features of The Breezeway is its bathroom. The bathroom is designed to mimic that of a spa, with a large shower, soaking tub, and high-end finishes. The bathroom is separated from the rest of the living space, giving it a sense of privacy and luxury.

The entertainment area of The Breezeway is also impressive. It features a built-in projector, screen, and sound system, allowing homeowners to enjoy their favorite movies or TV shows from the comfort of their own tiny house. Additionally, the entertainment area can transform into a dining area, creating the perfect space for dinner parties or games nights.

The master loft bedroom is the crowning jewel of The Breezeway. It is accessed by a custom staircase that doubles as storage, providing even more space-saving solutions. The loft bedroom offers a cozy sleep space with plenty of natural light and cross ventilation.

The Breezeway is not only aesthetically stunning but also eco-friendly. The tiny house is built with sustainable materials and features a rainwater collection system. The Breezeway is also equipped with solar panels, making it completely self-sufficient.

The Breezeway is a game changer in the tiny house world. It offers a new way of living that is both luxurious and affordable. The team at Tiny Heirloom has truly thought of everything when it comes to The Breezeway’s design. This tiny house is proof that downsizing doesn’t mean sacrificing style or comfort. It’s time to rethink what it means to have a home and embrace the tiny house movement.

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