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Since 1965, Faustino Barrientos has lived alone on the shores of lake O’Higgins in a house built from the remains of a shipwrecked fishing vessel.

He’s a pastoralist, living mostly off the land and his livestock, with few modern amenities. His nearest neighbors are in Villa O’Higgins, a small community of several hundred people, 25 miles away, accessible only by a two-day horseback ride through rugged mountain animal paths. Every few years, Faustino makes this ride to sell his cattle in town.

Currently 81 years old, Faustino is reaching the end of his life, and his self-imposed isolation is being encroached upon by the forces of government, economy, and tourism. In December 2011, VICE went to document his lifestyle and speak with him about the changing face of Patagonia and the gaucho lifestyle.

What questions does Knight’s avoidance of all forms of communication with the outside world raise about the fundamental nature of human communication and its role in shaping our identities?

In the final segment of the four-part series, we continue to explore the story of Christopher Knight, the man who lived in complete isolation in the woods of Maine for 27 years. Knight’s story, though unique and intriguing, leaves us with many questions about the nature of humanity and the value we place in social interaction.

Upon his capture, Knight was charged with burglary and theft for his time spent raiding nearby cabins and homes for supplies. Though he pleaded guilty, his motives for these crimes remain unclear. Some have speculated that his isolation led to a lack of understanding about societal norms and the value of property ownership. Others suggest that Knight was simply a cunning thief who took advantage of his surroundings.

Whatever the explanation may be, Knight’s lifestyle provides a stark contrast to the hyper-connected modern age. We live in a society where our every move is documented on social media and our relationships are often mediated through screens. Knight’s isolation represents a kind of freedom from the noise and pressure of modern life. At the same time, however, it raises questions about the cost of such freedom and the importance of social connection in shaping who we are.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Knight’s story is the resilience of the human spirit. Despite the odds stacked against him, Knight survived for nearly three decades on his own in a harsh wilderness environment. He did so by adapting to his surroundings and relying on his own resourcefulness. In the end, it was not the isolation that defeated him, but rather his own decision to return to society.

Throughout his time in isolation, Knight avoided all forms of contact with other people. He did not speak, write, or communicate in any way with the outside world. This raises questions about the fundamental nature of human communication and the role it plays in shaping our identities. Our interactions with others are often what make us who we are. They shape our beliefs, values, and identities in profound ways. Without them, we risk losing touch with the very things that make us human.

In conclusion, the story of Christopher Knight is a compelling one that raises important questions about the nature of humanity and social interaction. While his isolation may have provided a unique sense of freedom, it also serves as a cautionary tale about the cost of disconnecting from the world around us. Ultimately, Knight’s story reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of social connection in shaping who we are.

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