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The Danish company VIPP (famous for its iconic 1939 wastebasket, now in the MOMA) has created a prefab tiny home designed down to the last detail (flashlight included).

Their 592-square-foot “plug-and-play getaway” wasn’t designed to blend into nature, but to float above it; fifty thousand pounds of glass and steel serve as a frame for the surrounding landscape.

VIPP designer Morten Bo Jensen explains that the shelter wasn’t designed as a piece of architecture, but an industrial object. The prefab structure is built in a factory and the four modules are transported by truck to the site. The shelter can be constructed in 3 to 5 days using just bolts for the modules and 9,000 screws for the steel plates.

The small prefab can house 4 people: 2 on a daybed and 2 in a loft bedroom. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls slide open and closed with mechanical rollers, designed to move the 400 or 500-kilo doors with ease. “We kind of like this idea that you just grab it and slide it open,” explains Jensen, “instead of motorized solutions that would be more different from our philosophy of very mechanical products that just last for a long time.”

What distinguishes the design of the Vipp Shelter tiny prefab from traditional architectural norms, and how does it optimize convenience and ease of use?

The Vipp Shelter tiny prefab is a unique and innovative design, inspired by the industrial-era appliance. This modern, minimalist concept takes all of the elements of the machine era and combines them seamlessly with unique features for an incredible product that stands out in today’s world of prefabricated homes.

The Vipp Shelter tiny prefab is a design that is both simple in its execution and yet incredibly precise in its engineering. The inspiration for the design comes from the industrial era which gave us the likes of machinery and appliance manufacturing, and it is evident in the end product. The small, prefab structure packs a lot of punch in the form of its minimalist features.

The product is designed with an eye towards functionality and efficiency; two key elements that characterize the industrial era. Taking inspiration from the era’s appliances, the Vipp Shelter tiny prefab maximizes space in all dimensions, providing enough floor space, ceiling height and storage to accommodate a small family or a group of friends. The use of simple materials, such as metal and concrete, gives the design a durability and resilience that is reminiscent of industrial-era appliances, making it easy to maintain while keeping costs low.

The Vipp Shelter tiny prefab features a modern design that deviates from traditional architectural norms. Its form is minimalistic, with the space being divided into distinct areas that serve specific functions. The shelter boasts a kitchenette, a bathroom, a living space and a loft, which all coexist in harmony. The purpose of the design is to make everyday living feel like an effortless task, with the arrangement of the features being optimized for convenience and ease of use.

The Vipp Shelter tiny prefab is a perfect blend of industrial design and modern living. The use of modern materials and minimalistic features create a product that is both functional and aesthetic, with a timeless quality to it. The design is easily adaptable to any location and can serve as a weekend getaway, a retirement home or even an affordable housing solution. Its simplicity and durability make it a popular choice for anyone who wants a home that can withstand the rigors of modern living, while delivering on functionality, design and efficiency.

In conclusion, the Vipp Shelter tiny prefab is a unique and innovative product that combines elements of industrial-era appliances with modern design techniques. The result is a functional, efficient and durable structure that is perfect for anyone looking for a cost-effective and space-efficient home. The use of concrete, metal and other minimalist materials give the design a timeless quality that will ensure the shelter remains relevant for years to come. Overall, the Vipp Shelter tiny prefab is a revolution in modern living, providing anyone with a sense of elegance and simplicity embodied in industrial-era appliances.

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