Saving People From Massive Waves… They Almost Drowned


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During our careers surfing, skimboarders, an traveling from florida to hawaii, to cabo mexico, & many other locations.

We have encounter a lot of insane waves, and massive waves. ENJOY!

How can beach and ocean safety be improved beyond the deployment of lifeguards?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people being rescued from massive waves that nearly drowned them. Despite the dangers that come with surfing, jet skiing or even swimming in high tides, many people still take such risks. However, it is a fact that without the quick response of lifeguard teams, many people could lose their lives in the ocean’s tumultuous waves.

One of the recent incidents occurred along the coast of South Africa. A young girl was swept away by a massive wave while swimming in the ocean, along with her two siblings. Her brother immediately tried to rescue her but was overpowered by the wave, resulting in both he and his sister struggling to stay afloat. The lifeguards on duty quickly responded to the emergency and saved the two youngsters before it was too late.

In another recent incident, three individuals were surfing along the coast of Florida when they encountered waves so big that they were thrown off their boards. The waves were so strong and powerful that they were unable to swim back to shore, calling for the assistance of the lifeguards who were able to get them safely out of the water.

It should not be news that the security and safety of beach-goers should always be taken as a serious matter. Many times, the ocean can be unpredictable with sudden changes in wave patterns, tides, and currents. It is critical that lifeguards are always present and vigilant in their watch, in case an emergency arises.

To aid lifeguards and ensure a fast response to emergencies, all beaches and oceans should provide the necessary equipment that can be used in such situations. This includes items such as rescue boats, jet skis, and other essential rescue gear to help save individuals from dangerous situations in the water. Additionally, adequate training, certifications and experience should be required of all lifeguards to ensure that they are able to handle any emergency effectively.

In conclusion, as the popularity of water sports and beach activities continues to increase, it is more important than ever to ensure beachgoers’ safety. It is only through implementing comprehensive safety measures, like having well-trained and well-equipped lifeguards deployed, that we can minimize the risks of drowning and avoid the loss of life. Always remember that in any emergency, it’s important to remain calm and make efforts to remain afloat while waiting for help to arrive.

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