Manul – the Angriest cat in the world. Interesting facts about Manuls


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An equal of the saber-toothed tigers.

A completely wild inhabitant of the steppes with an always displeased look, yet very beautiful, one of the most poorly studied cats, who feels comfortable in up to -50 degrees weather, and can’t stand being around humans. Can you guess who that is?

What physical and behavioral traits have manuls developed to help them survive in harsh environments?

Manul – the Angriest Cat in the World: Exploring Interesting Facts About Manuls

Manuls, also known as Pallas’s cats, are a small-sized wildcat species that are native to Central Asia, and they are one of the most fascinating felines in the world for several reasons. These cats are unique-looking, almost angry-looking, which is why they have gained the reputation of being the “angriest cats in the world.” Here are some interesting facts about manuls that you might not know about.


Manuls have a distinctive look that differs from most domestic cats. They have round, short ears and a straight, flat-topped head, and their limbs are relatively short, making them appear smaller than other cats. They have long, dense fur, which helps them withstand the cold weather in its natural habitat in the rocky desert areas of Central Asia. The coat is usually grayish-tan, with dark spots on the belly and limbs, and various shades of stripes on the back.


Manuls are known for their aggressive behavior towards humans and other animals. They are solitary cats that spend most of their time alone or in pairs, and only come together for mating purposes. They are also nocturnal creatures that hunt small prey, such as rodents and birds, at night. When agitated, manuls will show their displeasure by flattening their ears, hissing or growling, and baring their teeth. They may also spit, claw or bite as a warning or to defend themselves.


Manuls are well-adapted to living in extreme environments. In the harsh desert habitats of Central Asia, they have developed unique physical and behavioral traits that enable them to survive. Their long fur is essential for conserving body heat in the cold desert temperatures. Their short legs and compact body help them maneuver through rocky terrain with ease, and their keen eyesight allows them to track prey in the dark. Additionally, they have a keen sense of hearing, and their sense of smell is incredibly strong, which helps them hunt and avoid predators.


Manuls are currently facing several threats, including habitat destruction, hunting for their fur, and accidental trapping. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists manuls as near-threatened, which means they are at significant risk of becoming endangered if conservation efforts are not implemented. Some organizations are working to conserve manul populations, such as the Snow Leopard Trust and the International Society of Endangered Cats.


Manuls are undoubtedly some of the most fascinating mammals in the world. Their unique appearance, behavior, and adaptation to harsh environments have helped them become one of the most interesting felines to study. While manuls’ intimidating appearance may suggest that they are incredibly hostile creatures, they are vital to the ecosystem, and their conservation efforts must be taken seriously. Hopefully, more people will learn about these unique cats, and we can work together to protect them from the threats they face today.

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