We Took a Tour of Prince’s Home Before Coronavirus Shut it Down


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When Prince was still alive, an invitation to Paisley Park was the stuff of dreams for a Prince fan.

But now, anyone with $50 can visit. You just have to drop off any camera equipment, including your phone, in the lobby – and be satisfied with committing the experience to memory.

Today marks four years since Prince’s untimely passing. And while a steady stream of unearthed material and re-releases keep his memory alive, there are plenty of superfans who would love to mark the occasion in person. But COVID-19 is preventing them from making a trip to Chanhassen to pay their respects to their idol.

Before the coronavirus pandemic shut everything down, VICE took a very exclusive look inside Prince’s enigmatic fortress with Dan Piepenbring, Prince’s unlikely co-author on the experimental biography, “The Beautiful Ones”.

Why has Paisley Park had to close its doors to the public and when do you think it will reopen?

In early 2020, our team had the incredible opportunity to tour the home of one of the most iconic musicians in history. Prince’s home, Paisley Park, located just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, had been transformed into a museum in 2016, opening its doors to the public to showcase Prince’s legacy.

As we entered Paisley Park, we were immediately struck by the grandeur and vibrancy of the space. The first thing that caught our eye was the stunning atrium, filled with natural light pouring in from the windows and a massive chandelier in the center, designed by former Prince collaborator, Donnie Williams.

We were then led on a tour through the many levels and rooms of the enormous space, including Prince’s recording studios, concert halls, and even his personal living quarters. One of the most captivating stops on the tour was the room that housed Prince’s iconic wardrobe – complete with his legendary purple motorcycle jacket and other unforgettable pieces.

As we made our way through the house, we were struck by the sense of intimacy and personal touches that were evident in every corner. From the design of the recording studios to the placement of his instruments, every aspect of this space was meticulously crafted to reflect Prince’s unique style and personality.

The most moving part of the tour was the room that housed Prince’s ashes. Surrounded by his guitars and packed with memories of his extraordinary life, this room offered a poignant tribute to the incredible artist who had built this magnificent home.

Our tour of Paisley Park was an experience that we will never forget. Sadly, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the museum has been forced to close its doors to the public. We feel grateful to have had the opportunity to witness this incredible tribute to Prince and his legacy, and we hope that someday soon, music lovers worldwide will have the chance to experience the magic of Paisley Park once again.

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