A Guide To Bridesmaids Dresses And Wedding Planning


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Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

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is no easy task, but it’s one of the most exciting and often the most emotional parts of the wedding planning process.

Inviting the special women in your life to be your bridesmaids; your sisters, your lifelong friends, your cousins and special family friends; is a way to seal important friendships during this very special time in your life. Choosing the bridesmaids dress, whether you do it yourself or together with your bridesmaids, is an integral part of the tradition.

Tips on Choosing the Right Dresses for your Bridesmaids

Naturally, it’s the bride who will be the focus of attention on her wedding day, but it’s important for the bridesmaids to look gorgeous too. Choose something simple and not overdecorated or detailed, but which will make your bridesmaids look elegant, sophisticated and feminine.

It’s important to choose a dress style which will flatter everyone’s figure. This is never an easy task, but empire waists and A-line or princess skirts will tend to suit most shapes and sizes.

If your bridesmaids have very different figure types and heights, and you think they might feel uncomfortable in matching dresses, a nice alternative is to choose the fabrics and colors, and allow each individual bridesmaid to choose her own dress style.

Always keep a budget in mind for your bridesmaids gowns. It’s very unfair to expect your bridesmaids to buy overly expensive dresses, and it may damage your relationship with some of the most important women in your life. Around $100-250 each dress is generally considered a reasonable cost. If you have your heart set on a more expensive gown, you might consider making up the difference yourself.

Classic Looks for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Holding Bouquet

Any kind of formal gown, semi-formal or evening dress can be chosen as a bridesmaids gown, so you have literally thousands of options. Satin, organza, chiffon, georgette, tulle, lace, brocades, and crepe are all classic fabrics for bridesmaid dresses. Whether you choose real silks and imported laces, or more economical alternatives will depend on your budget.

It’s traditional to choose a one-piece dress or gown, but separates are definitely an option. Mixing and matching separate blouses and skirts makes it easier to find a style which suits each individual bridesmaid.

You should think about the time of year you plan to hold the wedding, and how this will effect your gown choices. Choose lighter fabrics for summer, and a sleeveless or even a strapless dress style. If your wedding is planned for a cooler time in the year, long skirts and sleeves are best, or include a shawl or wrap as part of the outfit.

It’s a nice idea to choose your colors according to the time of year also. Fresh, soft colors are lovely for spring and summer; golds, copper tones and rusty reds for fall, and deep marine blues, teal green, deep burgundies and plums, or platinum shades for winter.

Choose colors which will match the flowers which are in bloom at the time of year, so your gowns will tone in nicely with the bouquets. Discussing your color ideas with your favorite florist will make the job of choosing colors much easier.

For a very sophisticated, formal look, black or black and white never goes out of style.. Alternating black and white solid panels has a very dramatic effect.

For a more romantic look, use white or a solid color overlaid with black lace, either as a feature of the dress itself, or as a shawl or wrap.

Soft, pretty pastel shades like lilac, powder pink, cream, platinum and eggshell blue are always popular colors for bridesmaid dresses, because they always look good together with the white or ivory shade of the bridal gown. Adding dramatic color accents in the bouquets creates a very attractive look for the wedding party as a whole.

Another idea which works very well for bridesmaids gowns is to use a silk or satin fabric with a subtle crossweave in a contrasting color, and match the bouquets to the crossweave color. The bouquets will bring out and enhance the color highlights in the dress fabric, which has a very pretty effect.

Accessories for Bridesmaids

Woman essentials, fashion high heels. Macarons

The simplest look will tend to work best, so accessories should best be kept to a minimum. Often a simple pair of earrings, a brooch or necklace is all the jewelry you’ll need. It’s traditional for the bride to give the bridesmaids their jewelry as a gift, which is a lovely idea.

For a very formal look, shawls, gloves and even small tiaras are always appropriate as bridesmaids accessories.

Keep comfort as well as style in mind when you choose shoes for your bridesmaids. Very high heels may be uncomfortable to stand in for any period of time. Also consider the fact that the bridesmaids will most likely be wearing the shoes for the wedding ceremony and the reception, so choose shoes which will be comfortable to wear all day, then dance away the night.

How can brides ensure that their bridesmaids feel comfortable and confident in the dresses they wear on the wedding day?

A wedding day is a big one in the life of the bride and groom, filled with love, excitement and joy. One of the key elements of a wedding planning will be selecting the perfect bridesmaids dresses that will complement the overall theme of the day. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about selecting bridesmaids dresses and wedding planning to ensure a memorable and special day.

1. Consider the Colors and Theme

The first step to selecting the perfect bridesmaids dresses is by considering the overall color theme of the wedding. The dresses should be in colors that complement the brides’ dress and the wedding décor. You should also consider the theme of the day, whether it’s a rustic, elegant, or a beach wedding, this can help inform the style of dresses you choose.

2. Keep in Mind Budget Constraints

Bridesmaids dresses can be a considerable expense for those who will be wearing them. It’s important to keep the budget of the bridesmaids in mind when selecting a dress. Keep in mind the cost of the dress, alterations, and shoes. Select dresses that you can afford within budget and stick to a comfortable price range to avoid causing financial strain to your bridesmaids.

3. Frontload the Timeline

Start your planning early. Give yourself a minimum of six months to plan your wedding, and to start searching for bridesmaids dresses about four months before the wedding. This will give enough time for your bridesmaids to take measurements, purchase their dresses, and arrange for any necessary alterations.

4. Communication is Key

Communication among members of the wedding party is extremely important when it comes to selecting bridesmaids dresses. Discuss the dress options with your bridesmaids and take their opinions seriously. Your bridesmaids will have individual style preferences and body shapes, and it’s important to make them feel comfortable in the dresses they wear.

5. Have a Fitting Before Finalizing the Dress

After settling on the style and color of bridesmaids dresses, it’s essential to have a final fitting before the wedding day. This will ensure the dresses’ perfect fit on the wedding day, leaving no flaw on the special day.

In conclusion, selecting bridesmaids dresses can be a significant source of stress for a bride. However, if you take time to plan accordingly, you will have an effortless process with the best outcome. Keeping your budget, theme, timeline, communication, and fittings in mind will make the bridal party more seamless on the day and leave everlasting memories for the best day of your lives.

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