DMT Always Shows Shane Mauss the Same Purple Woman on His Trips – Tales from the Trip


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Don’t Do Drugs????????

When Shane Mauss smoked DMT for the 20th time, s**t got really crazy.

How has Shane Mauss’s experiences with DMT and the purple woman impacted his perspective on life?

DMT Always Shows Shane Mauss the Same Purple Woman on His Trips – Tales from the Trip

DMT, also known as dimethyltryptamine, is a powerful psychedelic substance that is found in certain plants and animals. It is known for producing intense and otherworldly experiences, often referred to as “trips”. One person who has had his fair share of DMT trips is comedian and podcaster Shane Mauss. According to Mauss, he always encounters the same purple woman on his trips.

Mauss first began experimenting with DMT in 2013, and since then he has had over 100 trips. As he describes it, the trips are intense and transformative experiences that have helped him to gain a new perspective on life. However, what sets his experiences apart from those of others is that he always encounters the same entity during his trips – a purple woman.

In an interview with VICE, Mauss describes the purple woman as being “like an alien superhero or supervillain”, with a purple and green body and hair that is “like octopus tentacles”. He says that she is always present during his trips, and that she communicates with him in a way that is difficult to describe. Mauss also says that he has attempted to draw and sketch the entity, but that he is never able to fully capture her essence.

Mauss’s experiences with the purple woman have become a recurring theme in his stand-up comedy shows, as well as in his podcast, “Here We Are”. He says that he has also met other people who have encountered similar entities during their DMT trips, but that his encounter with the purple woman is unique because she always appears to him in the same form.

While there is no scientific explanation for why Mauss would consistently encounter the same entity during his DMT trips, it is not uncommon for people to have similar experiences with the substance. In fact, many people who have tried DMT report encountering entities that communicate with them in various ways.

Mauss’s experiences with DMT and the purple woman have become a part of his personal mythology, and he says that they have helped him to view the world in a different way. “I can’t prove any of this stuff,” he says, “but it’s changed my life in a positive way.”

In conclusion, Shane Mauss’s experiences with DMT and the purple woman are fascinating and unique. While there is no explanation for why he consistently encounters the same entity during his trips, his experiences are a testament to the transformative power of psychedelics. Whether or not the purple woman is real or imagined, Mauss’s encounters with her have helped him to gain a new perspective on existence and to appreciate the mysterious and unexplainable aspects of life.

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