20 Wilderness Survival Tips and Bushcraft Skills


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Here is a few handy survival tips and bushcraft skills that might help you in a wilderness survival situation.

Ranging from making fire, water purification, using natural materials to build shelters and a few urban survival tips.

How can learning to filter water and hunt for food help during a survival situation?

Wilderness survival skills are essential for anyone who spends time in the great outdoors, whether it be camping or hiking. Knowing how to survive in the wilderness can mean the difference between life and death during emergency situations. In this article, we will discuss 20 wilderness survival tips and bushcraft skills that are essential for anyone venturing into the wild.

1. Know Your Environment: Before heading out to the wild it’s important to know the environment. Study the area and the weather forecast, this will help you to know what to pack and what to expect.

2. Learn Basic First-Aid: When you’re out in the wild, medical help may not be readily available, so it is essential that you know basic first-aid skills. Taking a first-aid course can help you to prepare for unexpected emergencies.

3. Carry a Survival Kit: Always carry a survival kit with you when heading out into the wilderness. This should include items like a first-aid kit, extra clothing, water filter, emergency shelter, and a map.

4. Pack Light and Smart: When packing for a wilderness trip, pack smart and light. Opt for multi-purpose gear that can be used for various tasks, which will reduce your pack weight.

5. Learn to Build a Shelter: When out in the wild, you’ll need to have a shelter to protect yourself from the elements. Learn how to build a shelter using natural resources like branches, leaves, and spruce.

6. Fire Starting Skills: Being able to start a fire is crucial when it comes to wilderness survival. Practice different fire starting techniques, including bow drill and flint and steel.

7. Water Procurement: Water is essential for survival, always carry a water bottle and learn how to purify water using various techniques like boiling, purification tablets, and filtering.

8. Navigation Techniques: It is essential to know how to navigate and read maps, and use a compass correctly.

9. Edible Plants: Always be mindful of the plants you encounter in the wild. Research and learn about edible plants and berries to help sustain you.

10. Emergency Signaling: In case of an emergency, ensure that you have a flashlight, whistle, and mirror to signal for help.

11. Wildlife Awareness: The wilderness is home to many animals, and learning how to be aware of their presence and how to behave around them is key to keeping yourself safe.

12. Clothing Layers: Always dress in layers when heading into colder weather. It’s important to stay warm and dry to prevent hypothermia.

13. Improvised Tools: Learn to make improvised tools such as fishing gear, bow, and arrows or a shelter during your adventures.

14. Understand Your Skills and Limitations: Be honest with yourself about your skills and limitations. Don’t attempt anything that might put you in danger.

15. Stay Positive and Resourceful: Remaining positive and resourceful, even in tough situations, is a key wilderness survival skill.

16. Rope and Knots: Always carry a paracord, which can be used for various purposes. Learn different types of knots, including bowline, square knot, and slip knot.

17. Learn Hunting and Trapping: Learning how to hunt or trap for food is a useful skill. Ensure that you know the local regulations before attempting this.

18. Carry Lightweight Food: Foods that are lightweight yet high in protein, fat, and carbohydrates are ideal for wilderness survival. Pack beef jerky or energy bars to keep yourself fuelled.

19. Learn to Filter Water: When in a survival situation with limited water, learn how to filter water through natural and improvised filters.

20. Mental Resilience: Finally, mental toughness is essential for wilderness survival. Always remain calm, positive, and prepared for anything.

In conclusion, being knowledgeable about wilderness survival and bushcraft skills is essential for anyone venturing into the great outdoors. These tips and skills not only help you survive in the wild but also bring an added sense of security to your outdoor adventures. Remember, planning, preparing and knowing your limits is key!

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