Stealth Camping In Airport Parking Lot With SUV (Highly Patrolled)


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I did something a little bit different than normal, I ended up heading down to the long term parking at the Edmonton International Airport for a quick stealth camp in the back of the SUV.

Idea courtesy of Beautiful Wife! Some very close calls with security sniffing around the car! All in all, another fun night despite having a cold. Hunker down everyone!

What is stealth camping in an airport parking lot?

Stealth Camping In Airport Parking Lot With SUV (Highly Patrolled)

Stealth camping is the art of finding a place to park and sleep overnight, without being caught or noticed. For many travelers, especially those with an SUV, airport parking lots are an ideal location for stealth camping. However, some airport parking lots are highly patrolled, making it difficult to stay unnoticed. This article will provide some essential tips on how to stealth camp in an airport parking lot with an SUV, even in the most highly patrolled areas.

Choose Your Placement Wisely

The first and most important step to stealth camping in a highly patrolled airport parking lot is to choose your placement wisely. Avoid placing your SUV near the entrance, security cameras, or any other area that receives a lot of traffic. Instead, choose a spot further away from the entrance or in an area that is not frequently patrolled.

Be Discreet

Stealth camping means keeping a low profile, so make sure that your SUV does not stand out in the crowd. Avoid drawing attention to yourself by keeping the windows tinted, avoiding loud music or parties and keeping the exterior of the vehicle as clean and nondescript as possible.

Keep the Curtains Closed

To remain discreet, you must keep the curtains of your SUV closed at all times, especially when you are sleeping. Close all windows, including the sunroof and cover them with curtains or blinds. This way, you can avoid attracting any unwanted attention from airport security or other travelers.

Maintain Silence and minimize Movement

Make sure to minimize noise while entering or leaving the SUV. Revving the engine or slamming doors is an easy way to draw attention to yourself. It is also important to avoid moving around in the SUV, especially during times when it is most likely to attract attention, such as late at night. Try to reduce the need to get up multiple times by limiting your liquid intake before bed.

Be Mindful of Parking Rules

While stealth camping, it is essential to be mindful of parking rules. Check for any parking restrictions or time limits before parking. Also, make sure that you park within the boundaries of a designated parking space to avoid a ticket or being towed.

Leaving Early

To avoid suspicion, try to leave the parking lot as early as possible. Set your alarm clock to wake up early and ensure that you clean up and pack up your belongings promptly. This way, you avoid being noticed by the airport security or other travelers leaving the parking lot.


Stealth camping in a highly patrolled airport parking lot with an SUV can save you a lot of money while offering a convenient and safe option for you to catch up with rest. However, it is crucial to keep a low profile and follow the tips mentioned in this article to avoid being noticed by airport security or other travelers. Keeping to these guidelines will ensure that you rest and enjoy your stay in the airport parking lot without raising any alarms.

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