3 Years Living In A $1900 Renovated RV – Her DIY Mods & Lessons Learned


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Jessy and her cat Moonchi live in her 1978 Dodge Commander.

She has been living the nomad life for about 3 years and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Her desire to live the modern nomad life lead her to write an online book, which is a guide that answers many questions about the lifestyle on the road. She loves sharing her passion with others and even offers to coach people who are thinking about transitioning into this lifestyle over the phone. In addition to her entrepreneurial adventures, Jessy recently renovated her RV and updated the interior and made some much needed mechanic repairs. How awesome is that, right?!! She now has a full bathroom complete with a shower, composting toilet, and plenty of additional storage; a newly designed bedroom with a queen sized bed; and a kitchen that has a full sized refrigerator and oven range. Her tiny home on wheels has practically everything that a traditional home has. With a rig like this, why not go tiny, see the world, and live the adventurous life.

Jessy’s thoughts on going tiny, where there is a will, there is a way and don’t let fear be the reason you don’t go after your dreams. Wishing you all the best on your many adventures to come, Jessy!

What are some of the valuable lessons that can be learned from living in an RV, particularly in terms of minimalism and survival skills?

For many of us, the ultimate dream is to pack up everything and travel the world in our own home on wheels. This lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular with people looking for an unconventional way of living. While some choose to invest in luxurious RVs, there are those who choose to undertake the challenge of renovating old RVs into comfortable homes. In this article, we discuss the experience of a woman who spent three years living in a $1900 renovated RV, detailing her DIY mods and valuable lessons learned.

Living in an RV requires a great deal of creativity and resourcefulness. This is especially true when it comes to renovating an old, outdated RV into a comfortable home. When our subject, Kate, decided to purchase a 1987 Chevy Okanagan, she was excited about the potential that the RV had. She wanted to give it a modern makeover while keeping her budget low. She started by ripping out the old fixtures and replacing them with new functional ones that suited her taste.

Kate had a budget of $7,000 to renovate her RV, and she managed to spend only a fraction of it. One of the things she did was to install a solar panel for power. She also used creative solutions such as using a wooden trunk as a stove and oven combo. An old toolbox served as a firewood holder, while a curtain rod doubled as a towel rack. Her ingenuity and willingness to repurpose materials helped her to create a comfortable and functional home.

One of the most significant lessons Kate learned from her DIY RV renovation was how to be patient. She acknowledged that the process of renovating an RV can be frustrating and time-consuming. There will be moments when things don’t go as planned, and when you just want to give up. Throughout the journey, Kate learned to push through these moments and focus on the end goal. She also learned how to be resourceful and was able to repurpose items that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Another valuable lesson Kate learned was the importance of minimalism. As she had a limited amount of space, she had to choose her possessions carefully. This forced her to prioritize and find value in the things that were important to her. She learned to let go of unnecessary items and found that embracing minimalism was freeing.

Living in an RV requires one to have adequate survival skills. Kate learned how to fix things in her RV, from patching up a leaky roof to repairing a broken water pump. Through this process, she developed new skills and became more self-reliant.

In conclusion, three years living in a $1900 renovated RV taught Kate many valuable lessons. She learned to be patient, resourceful, and creative. She embraced minimalism and developed valuable survival skills. Through her DIY mods, she created a comfortable and functional home that suited her needs. Her journey is a testament that with hard work and dedication, anyone can turn an old RV into a beautiful home on wheels.

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