Watch the Coast Guard Capture Another Narco Sub With $69 Million in Cocaine


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The Coast Guard intercepted a makeshift narco-submarine hauling a hell of a lot of cocaine in the Pacific Ocean.

The Coast Guard said Thursday that its cutter ship the Harriet Lane seized some 5,000 pounds of the drug off the semi-submersible vessel manned by four suspected smugglers on October 23.

A boarding team was able to take control of the narco-sub before the people onboard could use a system designed the sink the craft, the Coast Guard said.

On 27th September 2021, the United States Coast Guard successfully intercepted a narco sub with a whopping $69 million worth of cocaine aboard. This marks yet another successful interception in the fight against the relentless reach of drug cartels.

The narco sub, measuring around 40 feet long, was intercepted in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Central and South America. The Coast Guard used a combination of air and seaborne intelligence, as well as a range of vessels, including a cutter and a patrol boat, to track down the sub and prevent it from reaching its intended destination.

For those unfamiliar with the terminology, a narco sub (short for narcotic submarine) is a type of custom-made, low-profile vessel designed to transport illegal drugs, particularly cocaine, between the drug-producing areas in South America and the lucrative markets in North America. These submarines are often constructed using cheap and readily available materials, and can cost as little as $1 million to build. Despite their DIY design, they are often equipped with advanced navigation systems and can travel long distances while remaining virtually undetectable by radar.

The interception of this latest narco sub is a testament to the Coast Guard’s ongoing efforts to disrupt the flow of illegal drugs into the United States. The Coast Guard has played a key role in drug seizures, particularly in the Eastern Pacific region, where it has intercepted over 1.2 million pounds of cocaine in the past year alone. This latest seizure marks the 16th such interception of the year.

The seizure of $69 million worth of cocaine represents a significant blow to the drug cartels. It is estimated that the interception of these drugs will prevent countless deaths and countless more instances of addiction and misery. The Coast Guard’s vigilant efforts play an essential role in safeguarding our communities by disrupting the narcotics trade and preventing drugs from entering our cities.

While the latest interception of the narco sub is an encouraging development, we must not grow complacent. The fight against drug cartels and their tentacles of influence is far from over. It requires continual investment in innovative strategies, sustained political will, and tireless efforts from law enforcement agencies at the local, national, and international levels.

In conclusion, the recent interception of the narco sub is a reminder of the crucial role played by the Coast Guard in keeping our communities safe. Their work is a testament to the power of dedicated and persistent law enforcement, and we should all acknowledge and appreciate their efforts. The Coast Guard’s actions illustrate that the fight against drug cartels is far from over, but with continued dedication, we can make further progress towards protecting our communities from the scourge of drug addiction.

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