Dysfunction to Dynasty – Ch. 5 Jep Robertson: DRUGS AND DECEPTION

Dysfunction to Dynasty – Ch. 5 Jep Robertson: DRUGS AND DECEPTION

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Getting out of a rut takes the help of someone else.

But when one of their own was trapped in drugs and deception, it took… a family.

What factors contributed to Jep Robertson’s addiction?

In the book “Dysfunction to Dynasty,” written by Jase and Missy Robertson, the fifth chapter titled “Jep Robertson: Drugs and Deception” showcases the struggles Jep Robertson faced in his past with addiction and deception.

Jep Robertson, the youngest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, grew up in a family heavily reliant on their Christian faith and the outdoors. Despite being raised in a loving and close-knit family, Jep struggled with anxiety and found solace in drugs at a young age. This eventually led to a full-blown addiction that he battled for years.

Jep’s addiction caused him to be deceptive towards his family and friends. He would sneak around to hide his drug use and often put up a facade of being okay when he was far from it. Jase and Missy write in the book about the pain they experienced watching their brother struggle and being unable to help him until he was ready.

It wasn’t until Jep hit rock bottom that he realized he needed help. With the support of his family and a strong faith in God, he was able to overcome his addiction and turn his life around. Jep now works as a cast member on the popular reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” and speaks openly about his past struggles with addiction to help others who may be facing similar battles.

The chapter highlights the importance of having a strong support system when facing addiction and the power of faith to overcome struggles. Jep’s story serves as an inspiration to those who may have lost hope and believe they can’t overcome their addiction.

Overall, “Dysfunction to Dynasty” chapter 5 sheds light on the struggles many individuals face with addiction and illustrates the importance of having a strong support system and faith to overcome difficult times. Jep’s inspiring story encourages others to seek help and not give up hope in their journey to recovery.

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