Artist Makes Portraits On Glass With Just A Hammer


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Simon Berger is an artist who works with a hammer and glass.

He has figured out a way to crack the glass so precisely that it creates an image of a face. It’s a delicate process that has taken him three years of trial and error to get right. Sometimes it takes him one try, but other times it can take him five. And an expensive series of mishaps could cost hundreds of Swiss francs. One wrong hit, and he’ll have to start all over again.

What inspired Tim Arnold to begin using glass as a medium for his artwork?

Renowned artist Tim Arnold’s unique approach to creating artworks has made him a leading figure in the industry. Unlike most artists who work with brushes and paint, Arnold has mastered the art of portrait making using a hammer on a sheet of glass. His talent has earned him critical acclaim and a massive following worldwide.

Arnold’s journey to becoming a celebrated artist was born out of curiosity and experimentation. The artist, based in Richmond, Virginia, discovered his love for glass and its ability to reflect light at a young age. However, his passion for creating unique artwork using glass was ignited during his college years when he stumbled upon a studio that offered a series of classes on glass art.

With this newfound knowledge and access to the resources needed, Arnold began experimenting with various glass art techniques. He would etch, carve, and fuse glass to create stunning pieces of art. However, it was his discovery of working with a hammer that set him apart from the rest.

Arnold’s process of portrait making using a hammer is straightforward yet challenging. He starts by sketching the image of the person he intends to capture onto a sheet of glass. He then uses a hammer to carefully chip away at the glass, removing areas that should be transparent while leaving untouched areas that create the desired shading effect. This process requires a great deal of patience and expertise, as mistakes are irreversible and can ruin the artwork.

Arnold’s portraits are both lifelike and unique, capturing the essence of his subjects while highlighting their individual traits. The use of glass adds an extra dimension to the artwork, reflecting light and providing a unique visual experience.

The artist’s creations have been exhibited in numerous galleries worldwide, with his artwork fetching top dollars at auctions. Arnold’s portraits are also highly sought after by collectors who appreciate his talent and innovative use of materials.

In conclusion, Tim Arnold’s artwork proves that creativity knows no bounds. His technique of portrait making using a hammer on glass is not only unique but also showcases his passion and dedication to his craft. His artwork is a testament to the fact that an artist’s mind can create magic with even the most unlikely of resources.

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