Making a Spider Resin Shift Knob – Epoxy Resin Art


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I made a Resin Spider Shift Knob using an Australian Huntsman spider I found dead in my workshop.

I also used ArtCast Epoxy Resin and Australian Mallee Burl.

What should be done to avoid air bubbles in the epoxy resin when making a shift knob?

Making a Spider Resin Shift Knob – Epoxy Resin Art

Shift knobs are a detail that can transform the interior of a car, making it look more stylish and personalized. And if we talk about a spider resin shift knob, it’s a striking and fascinating accessory that will attract the attention of everyone who sees it.

The process of making a spider resin shift knob is not complicated, but it requires patience, care, and creativity. The materials needed are: epoxy resin, silicone mold, a spider figurine, and various tools that help with the preparation and application of the resin.

Initially, the silicone mold of the shift knob must be prepared. This mold can be purchased in specialized stores or made by oneself, and it should be clean and free of any dirt. Once the mold is ready, the spider figurine is placed in the center of it, making sure it’s well-positioned and centered.

Next, the epoxy resin is prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s essential to use a well-ventilated space and to protect hands by wearing gloves. The epoxy resin is mixed until it’s homogeneous, and then it’s poured into the silicone mold. The resin will gradually fill the mold, covering the spider figurine until it’s totally submerged.

It’s crucial to avoid air bubbles in the resin. They can produce a negative effect on the final result, spoiling the shine and transparency of the material. To avoid this, it’s recommended to use a heat gun or a torch briefly to remove any remaining air bubbles.

Once the mold is filled with resin and has been correctly treated to prevent bubbles, the knob should be left to cure for at least 24 hours. Curing times may vary depending on the type of epoxy resin used and the temperature and humidity of the environment in which it’s left to cure.

After the curing time has passed, the silicone mold is removed, and the spider resin shift knob can be lightly sanded and polished to obtain a perfect finish. The final result is an excellent, unique, and attractive accessory that will become the highlight of the car’s interior.

To sum up, making a spider resin shift knob is a fascinating and creative art process that can result in a unique and personal accessory for a car’s interior. Using epoxy resin and a spider figurine or any other figurine, anyone can make a one-of-a-kind knob that will undoubtedly impress their passengers and make their driving experience more exceptional.

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