3 Axe Tricks Every Outdoorsman Should Know


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Today we’ll be showing you three cutting techniques That you can utilize when you have your axe in the woods.

How can mastering axe skills improve an outdoorsman’s experience in the wilderness?

As an outdoorsman, the importance of a sturdy and sharp axe can never be overstated. Whether you are chopping firewood, clearing a trail, or building a shelter, an axe is one of the most versatile tools that can make your journey through the wilderness more comfortable and enjoyable.

However, using an axe can be dangerous if you do not know how to handle it properly. Moreover, being aware of some unique axe tricks can make the difference between merely surviving the wilderness and thriving in it. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss three axe tricks every outdoorsman should know.

1. Sharpening an Axe

Nothing is more frustrating than an axe that cannot cut through wood effectively. Dull axes are not only frustrating but also dangerous, as they can slip and cause injuries. Therefore, learning how to sharpen your axe is an essential trick that every outdoorsman should know.

The first step is to remove any rust or debris from the axe using a wire brush. Next, use a file to sharpen the edge of your axe. Make sure to file the blade evenly and maintain a consistent angle while doing so. Finally, use a wet stone to hone the edge of the axe, creating a sharp edge. With a sharp axe, you can cut through wood effortlessly, making your outdoor experience easier and more enjoyable.

2. Splitting Wood

Splitting wood is essential for building fires, cooking, and staying warm. However, it can be a challenging task, especially if you do not know the right technique. Therefore, knowing the basics of splitting wood is another important trick for every outdoorsman.

Start by positioning the log you wish to split vertically, holding it in place with your foot. Grasp your axe using both hands and aim for the center of the log. Use a downward motion and let the weight of the axe do the work. With practice, you can learn to split the log cleanly and easily.

3. Carving

Axe carving can be a fun and rewarding hobby for any outdoorsman. You can create your tools, spoons, bowls, and other simple items using an axe. However, carving with an axe requires skill and patience.

Start by selecting the right kind of wood for your project. Hold the piece of wood in your non-dominant hand or secure it to a work surface. Then, use your axe to remove the excess wood gradually. Work from the center of the wood outwards, and maintain a firm grip on the axe to avoid accidents.

In conclusion, mastering these three axe tricks can make your outdoor experience safer and more enjoyable. Sharp axes, efficient wood splitting, and impressive carving skills are invaluable to any outdoorsman. Therefore, go and practice these skills, and you will be grateful for the knowledge you have acquired, the next time you’re out in nature.

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